We, at SAHARA PHARMACEUTICAL, as one of the major players in UAE’s health care sector market, we follow a synergetic approach to market demands and constant shifts through combining multiple diverse working department to cater for local health care sector needs and beyond.

Sahara pharmaceutical

Sahara Pharmaceutical is the sole distributer for GULF INJECT, who works under Julphar Group since 1994, aiming to provide locally-made Intra-venous fluids following the highest international standards, proven real through Gulf Inject collaboration with Fresenius AG, Germany. Gulf Inject has proven itself as leader in fluid management therapy in MENA region as well as in the local market.


Serving out all WHO essential drugs from reliable suppliers in international markets.

 SR.No Non Registered pharmaceuticals-IV Fluids product List
1 Compound Sodium Lactate IV(RL)500ml
2 Compound Sodium Lactate (RL)1000ml
3 Glucose 10%Infusion BP(D10)1000ml
4 Glucose 10% InfusionB.P.(D10)500ml
5 Glucose 5% Infusion BP(D5)1000ml
6 Glucose 5% IV (D5)500ml
7 Mannitol 10% Infusion BP (M10)500ml
8 Mannitol 20% Infusion BP(M20)500ml
9 Ringer Solution for Inj.U.S.P.(RS)500ml
10 Sodium CHL0.18%&Glucose4.3%IV(D4S18)500ml
11 Sodium CHL 0.225%&Glucose 5% (D5S22)500ml Infusion
12 Sodium CHL 0.45%&Glucose 5% (D5S45)1000ml Infusion
13 Sodium CHL0.45% &Glucose 5% IV(D5S45)500ml
14 Sodium CHL 0.9% IV (NS)1000ml
15 Sodium CHL Inj.0.9% BP(NS)10ml
16 Sodium Chloride 0.9%% Glucose 5%(D5NS)1000ml
17 Sodium Chloride 0.9%&Glucose 5% (D5NS)500ml
18 Sodium Chloride 0.9%IV(NS)100ml
19 Sodium Chloride 0.9%IV(NS)500ml
20 Sodium Chloride 0.9% (NS) 5ml Amps
21 Water for Inj.5ml BP (WFI)Amps
22 Water for Inj.BP(WFI)1000ml
23 Water for Inj.BP(WFI)500ml
24 Water for Injection BP(WFI)10ml

Pharmaceutical line for partners shipping vessels

Dubai became a pivotal hub for major marine lines transit station and marine shipping lines

Sahara pharmaceutical is proud to be serving and connecting the local economy growth factors through coordinating between the vessels owners, international market suppliers and local health authorities to source and make available all the life saving and essential medicines for shipping vessels upon calling to the major UAE local ports.

 SR NO Non registered pharmaceuticals-local major partners for shipping vessels
Shipping Companies
1 L E West International
2 Lagaay International
3 Universal Marine Medical Supply
4 Shell International
5 Rucha Enterprises
6 Gulf Agency (GAC)Company LLC
7 Kanoo Shipping
8 Inchcape Shipping Services