A healthy life starts with a healthy oral cavity, as for tongue coating, hosting an approximately 57.3% of total oral cavity bacteria, maintaining it under check plays a pivotal role in the health of your oral cavity and over all body. Ignoring tongue cleaning often leads to many un-wanted results, intra-oral halitosis and bad taste come at the top of the list.

Until now, however sadly, tongue cleaning is not considered a corner stone procedure in all oral prophylaxis regimens due to the general perception of its extensive discomfort and time consumption for the patient and their dentist alike.

We, from SAHARA PHARMACEUTICAL, provide  professionals effectively seeking very gentle, yet effective deep tongue coating cleaning prior to oral surgeries or part of regular prophylaxis sessions in less than a minute using TS1 TONGUE VACUUM CLEANER.

This German-made piece is conveniently attached to the tip of the saliva ejector of your dental unit. It’s an ideal complement to full mouth disinfection (FMD) as well as for treatments specifically targeting halitosis.


After attaching TS1 to the tip of the unit’s saliva ejector, you can use it on its own, or after applying a tongue gel for an enhanced freshness boost. Then gently pass it through dorsal tongue surface, all it takes is less than a minute to achieve a cleaner, fresher tongue!


  1. Deep tongue cleaning through vacuuming bacterial tongue coating.
  2. Extraordinary freshness felt by your patient.
  3. Low gag reflex when using TS1 as opposed to conventional methods.
  4. Increased patient comfort during the procedure.
  5. Low cost.
  6. Hygienic since it’s disposable.


From a leading British-based, ISO and CE certified, established in 1992, with 24+ years market experience company that is successfully providing high quality teeth whitening and bleaching formulas nationally and globally.


  1. UK-made, keeping high effectiveness and affordable cost in mind.
  2. QUICK WHITE offers a wide range of teeth whitening kits to be used with or without whitening light system.
  3. Offers in-surgery kits as well as home maintenance kits for the patient, hence, ensuring treatment longevity and long term effectiveness as well as patient compliance.
  4. Different kit concentrations to suit different patient needs.


  1. Teeth whitening pen for touch-ups:

Stylish, easy to carry, 6% hydrogen peroxide gel concentration that comes in a portable pen-like design.

  1. Intenz 2:

Combination (in-surgery and home) kit:


  • Hydrogen peroxide solution30-40%.
  • QUICK WHITE in-surgery kit containing pumice, paint-on-dam, brush, vitamin E capsule, whitening powder.
  • 22% carbamide peroxide concentration in 3 pieces of 1.2 grams syringes for at-home maintenance routine.
  • Tooth whitening shade guide.
  • Instruction leaflet.
  1. Custom trays:

Can be shaped to patient upper and lower arches via using boiling water in the comfort of their houses or by the aid of a dentist/ dental hygienist.

  1. Pre-whitening polishing paste.
  2. Internal bleaching syringes: 35% hydrogen peroxide. 1.2 grams syringes.
  3. De-sensitizer solution.
  4. Paint-on-dam in pre-packed syringes with disposable tips.
  5. Professional whitening tray and a carrying box.
  6. QUICK WHITE hydrogen peroxide home whitening kit:


  • 5 syringes of 1.2 grams of 12% hydrogen peroxide gel.
  • Teeth whitening shade guide.


Ingeniously developed by BioMTA, Seoul National University research division. BioMTA was established since 2003 and their products have been under continuous research and enhancements ever since. OrthoMTA is the latest tested and tried ortho-grade root canal filling material that utilizes mineral tri-oxide aggregate (MTA) to meet the ideal requirements of root canal filling materials in all ranges and classes of endodontic treatment cases.


  • Longer setting time for the cases in need, and absence of heavy metals and carcinogens.
  • Intra-tubular grafting works through 3 distinctive sealing methods:
  • Physical sealing: jamming effect of root canal space.
  • Chemical sealing: entombing effect produced by obturation of dentinal tubules by short C-S-H tags, is enhanced by bacteria fossilization through long hydroxy-apatite tags.
  • Biological sealing: OrthoMTA has the ability to initiate regeneration of damaged periodontium, hence new cementum achieves biological sealing.


  • Obturation of difficult, Y-shape, C-shape canals and isthmus.
  • Cracked teeth.
  • Internal root resorbtions.
  • Perforation repairs.
  • File separation.
  • Severely infected root canals.
  • Re-treatment of acute apical abscess cases.
  • Root end filling

It has long been established that OrthoMTA sky-rockets long term clinical treatments success rates.

OrthoMTA can be used as:

  • Coronal filling.
  • Apical filling.
  • Total filling.

OrthoMTA root filling kit contains:

  • OrthoMTA:

World’s 1st orthograde bio ceramic root canal grafting material that is not affected by moisture or blood contamination, provides perfect seal and biocompatibility without heavy metals and no expansion rate (maximum of 0.09%).

  • Comes in pack of 0.2 grams of 50 vials.
  • Mixer:

World’s 1st cordless, battery operated centrifuge that accurately controls W/P ratio and minimizes voids.

  • Carrier:

Autoclavable, easy to handle and durable medical grade Stainless steel body with NITI plunger, disposable and bendable tips to eliminate cross-contamination.

  • Compacter:

World’s 1st for delivery of bio-ceramic materials with exceptional flexibility, autoclavable.

  • Pluggers:

Stainless steel tip with aluminum handle.                                                 2 types available:

  • A plugger: 1.3mm & 0.3mm NITI.
  • B plugger: 1mm & 0.5mm.
  • Accessories:

Such as disposable, 18 gauge needle tips and autoclavable plungers.


Another innovation by BioMTA, a hydraulic bio-ceramic material for vital pulp therapy of primary and young teeth and for repair of permanent teeth.


  • No resulting tooth discoloration even in the presence of blood contamination.
  • Due to its hydraulic nature, RetroMTA is not affected by moisture.
  • No heavy metals or carcinogenic components.
  • Excellent sealing ability and good radio-opacity.
  • Excellent bactericidal effects.
  • Good handling properties and decreased treatment time.
  • Economic price.


  • PEDIATRICS: Vital pulp treatments such as Pulp capping, pulpotomy, pulpectomy, Apexification, apexogenesis, REP .
  • ENDODONTICS: External & internal resorbtion, apical surgeries, replantation, perforation, 1-visit Apexification indirect pulp capping.
  • ESTHETIC: To prevent/stop tooth discoloration.
  • Where quick setting time is desired.


0-3 grams of 8 caps per pack.



  • Preventive materials.
  • Materials with calcium hydroxide.
  • Cements and filling materials.
  • Endodontic materials.
  • Auxiliary materials.

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